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What is Reiki?


A Japanese term, used to describe the energy of the Universe, which sustains all life.


Reiki as a Healing Technique


This sacred energy was developed as a healing method for the improvement of mind and body, in Japan by a Jōdo-shū Buddhist monk, Mikao Usui, in the 1920s. However, Reiki is not a Buddhist modality and transcends all faiths and backgrounds.


Komyo ReikiDo      


Translated as: "The Way of Komyo Reiki", Komyo ReikiDo is a traditional Japanese method of Reiki, preserved by the Revered Hyakuten Inamoto, a non-sectarian Buddhist monk. He founded the Komyo ReikiDo Association in Kyoto, Japan.


A core principle of Komyo ReikiDo is the belief that, by healing the mind and soul first, the physical body will then be better capable of healing itself. Komyo ReikiDo places great emphasis on the use of Reiki for spiritual development purposes (through regular practise of meditation and mindfulness), in addition to being  a hands-on complementary therapy.


The Association's motto, "Go placidly in the midst of praise or blame", encourages you to rise above the world of duality or opposites (good/bad, success/failure, right/wrong) and adopt a state of non-attachment to anything negative.


Additionally, "A cup of tea, A cup of enlightenment ! " depicts the physical act of drinking a cup of tea, which creates a sense of time and space that is beyond the world of duality, one of calmness and peace. By performing the act of drinking a cup of tea, you create a moment of Satori (enlightenment).

Hyakuten Inamoto-sensei,

Founder of Komyo ReikiDo




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About Komyo ReikiDo                                         "Go Placidly in the Midst of Praise or Blame",

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