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Adrian Perkins,

Komyo ReikiDo Teacher

ReikiWorld Academy

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Adrian Perkins and Tony Olliver  established ReikiWorld Academy in 2009 as a means of promoting the highest standards of Reiki possible. They have dedicated their lives into helping others find inner happiness through Reiki healing, teaching and mindfulness.


Learnng Komyo ReikiDo, based on original Japanese Reiki techniques, was a natural progression for Adrian. Its teachings have enhanced his knowledge and understanding of the spiritual aspects of Reiki. Komyo ReikiDo's emphasis on simplicity, intention and mindfulness, mirror those of his own.  


Adrian became a fully qualified Komyo ReikiDo Shihan, in order to teach and share this amazing healing modality with you.  


Learn Komyo ReikiDo and Discover:


  • How simple Japanese Reiki is.

  • That "Less is more ".

  • How to "Place your hands, surrender and smile".

  • How Reiki incorporates mindfulness.

  • How you can "Transcend the world of duality and walk on calmly and peacefully".


(Quotes from Hyakuten Inamoto-sensei)

Tony Olliver,

Healer & Facilitator

ReikiWorld Academy

Reiki Training Courses in Fareham, Brighton and Chichester. Hampshire, East & West Sussex

Certified Shihan Association member Adrian Perkins Reiki Hampshire