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" To me, Komyo ReikiDo's motto 'Place your hands, surrender and smile' sums up what Reiki is all about - simple"

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Chuden - Reiki Second Degree                            Become a Qualified Reiki Practitioner

Course Details


  • Takes your Reiki practice to a deeper level of understanding.

  • Receive 4 Reiju (attunements).

  • Be attuned to 3 Reiki shirushi (symbols), each representing a specific purpose for healing.    

  • Enables you to treat the public as a fully qualified Reiki Practitioner.  

  • Learn how to send distant healing.

  • Duration: 1 (or 2 days at the Teacher's discretion).

  • Students receive an official Komyo ReikiDo manual.

  • Receive on-going support and advice on setting up your own Reiki practice.




Students are able to enrol onto our Chuden course, even if they have received First Degree attunement with a different style of Reiki teaching.    




In order to obtain the greatest benefit out of learning Chuden, we suggest you continue the daily practise of Reiki energy exercises and mindfulness meditations.  


Practise Reiki on others as well as yourself, using shirushi which will learn on this course. With practice, you will be able to distinguish between their respective energies. It is suggested that you allow at least 6 months before you enrol onto Okuden in order to consolidate your training. We recommend students keep a journal of ther progress, which documents useage of shirushi.

Certified Shihan Association member Adrian Perkins