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Okuden -  Reiki Third Degree / Reiki Master Practitioner





















Student Comments


"Adrian is a truly inspirational teacher of the healing art of Reiki",

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Course Details


  • Referred to in Komyo ReikiDo as 'Inner Teachings'.

  • You will be attuned to the final Reiki shirushi (symbol).

  • Receive 2 Reiju (Reiki attunements).

  • Focuses on a lifelong commitment to the 'mastery' of Reiki, as part of your continuing journey towards Satori (enlightenment)

  • Refines your healing for the purpose of  'Soul healing'.

  • Duration: 1 (or 2 days at the Teacher's discretion).

  • Students receive an official Komyo ReikiDo manual.

  • Receive on-going support.




It is suggested that you consolidate Level 2 for at least 6 months before enrolling  on to Level 3. Furthermore, if the student has been trained up to Level 2 with another branch of Reiki if may be necessary to conduct Level 3 over a two day period.    




In order to obtain the greatest benefit from learning Okuden, we suggest:


  • You continue to practise daily Reiki energy exercises and mindfulness meditations.

  • Practise the use of all four Reiki shirushi on yourself and others. 

  • We recommend students keep a journal of ther progress.


It is suggested that you allow at least a 1 year gap between Okuden and Shinpiden. This enables you to consolidate your Reiki skills, in readiness for becoming a Shihan. At this higher level, your Reiki training becomes more of an apprenticeship than a course, with your teacher being your mentor.

Certified Shihan Association member Adrian Perkins