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Shoden - First Teachings / Reiki First Degree

Course Details


  • The history & development of Reiki.

  • Receive a lifelong attunement (connection) to Reiki.

  • Shoden focuses on self-healing and mindfulness.

  • Learn how to heal your family and friends.

  • Introduction to Gokai, 5 spiritual precepts (spoken in Japanese)  

  • Duration: 1 (or 2 days at the Teacher's discretion).

  • Students receive an official Komyo ReikiDo manual.

  • Receive on-going support




None, just a desire to heal yourself and others.




In order to obtain the greatest benefit from learning Reiki, we suggest the daily practise of energy exercises and mindfulness meditations, which you will learn on this course. Your aim is to initiate a distinct shift in mindset, by accentuating the positive in everything that you do. We recommend that you keep a journal of your progress, such as changes in outlook, perception and wellbeing.


Students are also expected to recite the Gokai both in Japanese and their native language from memory. Certification of Shoden is dependant on this ability.


Practise Reiki on others as well as yourself. Remember, you are only able to treat family, friends and your own pets at this level. By giving them regular treatments, you will notice the flow of Reiki strengthen.


It is suggested that you allow at least one month between Shoden and Chuden. However, we offer a substantial discount if both courses are paid together, in advance. See our 'Special Offers' page for details.  Vector Image
Certified Shihan Association member Adrian Perkins