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Upgrade Your Reiki Teaching to Komyo ReikiDo























Student Comments


"I now have a clear Reiki identity. It seems natural to teach Komyo ReikiDo exclusively once I have consolidated my new Reiki knowledge and new techniques."

Linda, London UK 

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A 2-day Conversion Course


We welcome Reiki Master Teachers from other Reiki backgrounds, who are interested in learning traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho, as taught by Chujiro Hayashi.  We offer existing teachers the opportunity to convert to Komyo ReikiDo with an intensive, all inclusive course. This course is offered on a one to one basis.


Course Details


  • Duration: 2 days.

  • The Komyo ReikiDo approach for all levels of Reiki training.

  • Learn how to give Komyo ReikiDo Reiju (attunements) for all levels.

  • Students receive a manual and certificate of attendance.

  • Receive on-going mentoring in Komyo ReikiDo, if required.




Requirements for upskilling include 1 year's experience at Master Teacher level and be able to show certification. On completion, you will become eligible to join the Komyo ReikiDo Association, as a 'Certified Shihan Member'.




  • Continue to practice new Reiki energy exercises and mindfulness meditations which you have learned on this course.

  • Practice using all four Komyo ReikiDo shirushi, on yourself and others.

  • Practice giving Reiju.

  • Free course revisits (subject to availability).

  • Training material provided for all levels.

  • An understanding that Komyo ReikiDo teachings are not to be amalgamated into any other form of Reiki.

  • Komyo ReikiDo teachers are free to charge whatever fees they feel comfortable with, but must reflect the value and worth of the training  provided.  

Certified Shihan Association member Adrian Perkins