Komyo ReikiDo


The Way to Enlightenment Through Reiki


ReikiWorld Academy offers a calm and tranquil space for learning Reiki, in a friendly and supportive environment. We believe that Reiki is for everybody and everyone is welcome!

We teach Komyo ReikiDo, a Japanese Reiki system developed and founded in Kyoto by a Jōdo-shū (Pure Land) Buddhist monk & internationally renowned teacher, Hyakuten Inamoto.

For the student, Komyo ReikiDo is part of a journey of self-discovery: involving the daily practice of mindfulness, meditation and self-healing. It is non-sectarian in nature and transcends all faiths and backgrounds.

Komyo ReikiDo is based on the Japanese aesthetic of ‘Less is More’. Indeed, our practice motto is ‘Place your hands, surrender and smile’ .

We’re offering courses from beginner to advanced level, with on-going support.