My live self-healing meditation is free and open to everyone.

This is a time for you to unwind and receive distant Reiki, which I transmit to all those who are ‘tuning-in’ to me at that time.

Simply find your own space and relax. For those of you who find it difficult to meditate, focus attention on your shallow breathing and sense yourself letting-go. Then use an affirmation of intent such as: ‘I would like to receive Reiki from Adrian Perkins’. That’s all you need to do. If, during your meditation you find your mind racing, return focus again on the gentle rhythm of your breath.

When you have finished, remember to use a closing affirmation of thanks to the Universe and inhale some deep breaths in order to ‘ground’ yourself.

If you have any questions or wish to give feedback, feel free to comment.

Gassho blessings

エードリアン パーキンス 

Adrian Perkins

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