My distant healing hour is free and open to everyone.

Anyone who gives a lot of their time and energy to others, will value this ‘Me Time’; a time to receive healing for themselves and recharge their batteries.

Simply relax and meditate. Use an affirmation of intent, asking for healing to be received via me, Adrian Perkins. That’s all you need to do. Many of you join me for the full hour’s meditation, others for a shorter time. You will receive the right amount of universal healing that you need.

When you have finished, remember to use a closing affirmation of thanks to the Universe and ‘ground’ yourself.

If you have any questions, have someone’s name added to my distant healing book, or wish to give feedback, feel free to comment.

Gassho blessings

エードリアン パーキンス 

Adrian Perkins

2 thoughts on “World Distant Healing Hour – every Sunday 8-9pm GMT

    1. Hi Angela, all you need to do is to meditate and through just the power of intent ie: an affirmation to receive distant Reiki via me. Its that simple. Finish with a closing affirmation of thanks and that it is finished. If you feel the need to ‘ground’ yourself then maybe concentrate to the breath bringing oxygen to your lungs to recirculate the physical body and maybe the focus on the connection between your feet and Earth. I personally think a thank you, its finished is enough. Enjoy the experience – no need to meditate for a whole hour unless you wish to – blessings


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