What is Komyo ReikiDo?

Komyo ReikiDo is perhaps best translated as: The way to enlightenment through Reiki’

Komyo ReikiDo was founded by Hyakuten Inamoto and is one of the closest Reiki systems to Mikao Usui’s Reiki Ryoho. Our teachings are based on the Japanese aesthetic that Less is More’. Komyo ReikiDo is simple and is based on mindfulness and intention.

The purpose of Komyo ReikiDo is to cultivate a healthy balance between mind & body through daily Reiki Ryoho practice, to attain inner peace.

About Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei

sensei smiling (2)

Hyakuten Inamoto was taught Reiki Ryoho by Mrs Chiyoko Yamaguchi, a student of Chujiro Hayashi (protégé of Mikao Usui). Hyakuten Sensei established his own training association called Komyo Reiki Kai in 1998. He recently changed its name to Komyo ReikiDo to reflect its emphasis on spiritual development through the practice of Reiki Ryoho, as well as being an effective hands-on healing technique.

Hyakuten Inamoto has researched the origins of Reiki Ryoho and continues to do so. Being Japanese, he is in a unique position of being able to clarify and correct the various myths and misunderstandings which have arisen over the years due to language and cultural barriers.

Hyakuten Sensei travels the World teaching Komyo ReikiDo and has developed an international network of Shihans (teachers). When in Kyoto, he holds regular Shares groups and local courses.