About Adrian Perkins

Adrian describes below, how Reiki has transformed his life and the life of others:

“To me, discovering Komyo ReikiDo was a personal realisation, a mindset, an attitude; an understanding that I am part of something far greater than myself. With this realisation, I have experienced inner peace, a sense of ‘oneness’ with the Universe. By practicing daily Reiki meditation and self-healing I have learned how to live in the Now, with mindfulness. By creating the right environment you too can realise the same.

This peace is the gift. I share this gift with you. Humility is the by-product of such an honour.”

ReikiWorld Academy

Since his early years, Adrian has been an advocate of natural health therapies and healthy living. He realised his main vocation in life is to help and inspire others, through holistic healing.  Firstly, he trained as a spiritual healer, before gaining qualifications in Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Reiki. 

Adrian is the owner and founder of ReikiWorld Academy, Hampshire UK. He first studied and taught Reiki in the western style but then discovered a Japanese Reiki system called Komyo ReikiDo, which resonated with him more. Adrian was particularly inspired by the humility and wisdom of its founder, Hyakuten Inamoto. Komyo ReikiDo regards Reiki as being an integral part of one’s spiritual pathway, with its emphasis on intention, simplicity and mindfulness. 

Adrian received initial Komyo ReikiDo training from his teacher and mentor, Varvara Hajisava, before receiving subsequent refresher training from Hyakuten Inamoto himself. Adrian is listed on the Komyo ReikiDo International Directory of Certified Teachers.

Adrian Perkins’s Reiki Lineage

Below is a diagram, showing Adrian’s short lineage back to the founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho, Mikao Usui.