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            “Reiki: Your journey of self-discovery”, Adrian Perkins         

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Adrian Perkins, a leading Komyo ReikiDo Association teacher in the UK

The Journey Begins

ReikiWorld Academy was established in 2009. It’s primary aim is to promote a traditional Japanese style of Reiki called Komyo ReikiDo: as a means of spiritual development and self-discovery, as well as being an effective complementary therapy.

Since his early years, Adrian has been interested in natural health therapies and healthy living. He realised his vocation in life is to help others through healing.  Initially, he trained as a spiritual healer before gaining Level 3 diplomas in reflexology and Indian Head Massage.

By chance, Adrian discovered Reiki. He describes below, how Reiki has transformed his life and the life of others; with its emphasis on self-healing and mindfulness.

“To me, discovering Reiki was a personal realisation, a mindset, an attitude; an understanding that I am part of something far greater than myself. By creating the right environment you too can help others realise the same.

With this realisation comes peace and tranquility. One can find peace in any moment in time by simply letting go of ego and by focusing and intending on being at one with the Universe.

This peace is the gift. I share this gift with you. Humility is the by-product of such an honour”. 

Nowhere is this honour more evident than at Macmillan Cancer Support where Adrian is a volunteer therapist. He has witnessed how effective Reiki can be for pain relief and how it can transform the mindset of even the most chronically ill patients.

Komyo ReikiDo: Our Teachings

Adrian is a registered Shihan (teacher) with the Komyo ReikiDo Association of Kyoto, Japan. Its Director is Hyakuten Inamoto, a non-sectarian Buddhist monk, whose core teachings mirror those of Mikao Usui, founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho. 

ReikiWorld Academy uses Komyo ReikiDo healing practices and course material.

Whether you wish to learn Reiki for self-healing purposes or to help others, sign up with ReikiWorld Academy today and discover: 

  • Original Japanese Reiki techniques are to simple to learn (“Less is more “ ). 

  • How to “Place your hands, surrender and smile”.

  • Reiki incorporates mindfulness.

  • How you can “Transcend the world of duality and walk on calmly and peacefully”.

Hyakuten Inamoto director of Komyo ReikiDo Association

Photo of Hyakuten Inamoto, kindly supplied by Auburn Reiki Center, California.

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