Meeting Hyakuten Inamoto

Adrian recently attended a refresher workshop for existing Komyo ReikiDo Shihans (teachers) presented by our founder, the Rev. Hyakuten Inamoto from Kyoto. Gratitude goes to Chiara Grandi, who hosted the event in Brescia, Italy.

Adrian was privileged to receive a Reiju Empowerment from Inamoto-sensei himself. In addition, Adrian gained extra knowledge and wisdom from Sensei, which will enhance his own teachings back home in the UK.

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Free Distant Healing Meditation – Every Sunday 8-9pm GMT

A free weekly self-healing meditation. I transmit distant Reiki far and wide to all those who participate in this event. Simply relax and meditate (for however long or short a time you wish during my healing hour) and invoke Reiki for yourself.

If you have any questions or wish to give feedback, feel free to comment.

Gassho blessings

エードリアン パーキンス 

Adrian Perkins