Reiki Courses

Komyo ReikiDo

Japanese Reiki Healing

‘The pathway to enlightenment through Reiki’

We Offer: 

  • Flexible course dates, including weekdays.
  • Individual and mobile Reiki training available (which may incur an additional charge, if outside local radius). Tutoring also considered throughout Europe.
  • ‘Special Offers’.
  • Payment plan available on request.

Class Standards 

There are four levels of Komyo ReikiDo training. Class standards and minimum requirements are listed below. Duration of classes are not restricted and may be extended or broken down into segments where necessary. Individual tutoring is available to suit your timetable and personal requirements.

初伝  Level 1 – Shoden 

1-day Reiki foundation course: Cost £120

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  • No pre-requisite, just a desire to heal yourself and others.
  • The history & development of Usui Reiki Ryoho.
  • Receive a lifelong attunement (connection) to Reiki.
  • Learn how Komyo ReikiDo promotes mindfulness and self-discovery.
  • Receive an official Komyo ReikiDo manual at each level.
  • On-going support after each level of training.
  • Suggested consolidation period of 1 month before enrolling on Level 2.

Course Dates: click here

中伝  Level 2 – Chuden 

1-day Reiki practitioner course: Cost: £120

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  • Chuden is also known as ‘Reiki Second Degree’.
  • We accept all Reiki Level 1 qualifications.
  • Chuden takes your Reiki practice to a deeper level of understanding.
  • Receive attunements to 3 Reiki symbols, each representing a specific healing purpose.
  • Learn how to send distant healing.
  • Become a fully qualified Reiki practitioner.
  • Suggested consolidation period of 6 months before enrolling on Level 3

Course Dates: click here

奥伝  Level 3 – Okuden

1-day Reiki ‘Inner Teachings’ course: Cost £120

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  • Okuden is also known as ‘Reiki Third Degree’
  • We welcome Okuden students from other Reiki backgrounds. If so, please contact us to discuss your conversion to Komyo ReikiDo.
  • Receive an attunement to the final Reiki symbol, representing ‘soul healing’ .
  • Okuden focuses on a lifelong commitment to the ‘mastery’ of Reiki, as part of your continuing journey towards Satori (enlightenment).
  • Suggested consolidation period of 1 year before enrolling on Level 4

Course Dates: click here

神秘伝  Level 4 – Shinpiden

Reiki Shihan / Teacher course: Cost £200

1-day for those who have studied Komyo ReikDo levels 1-3

2-days for those who are ‘Reiki Masters’ in other lineages.

Experiencing Energy

  • Time allocated for revision of previous levels, if required.
  • We welcome Shinpiden students from other Reiki backgrounds. If so, please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • Learn how to give Reiju Empowerments for all levels of Reiki.
  • Obtain Komyo ReikiDo teaching resources and certificate templates.
  • Receive on-going mentoring, if required.
  • An understanding that Komyo ReikiDo teachings are not to be amalgamated into any other style of Reiki.

Course Dates: click here

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