ReikiWorld Academy Training & Class Standards

Komyo ReikiDo has 4 levels of training, which you can follow in sequence up to the level of your choosing. Completion of Shinpiden will attain you to Reiki Ryoho Teacher (traditional Japanese systems do not use the western term ‘Master’). Afterwards, if desired, refresher training can be taken with Hyakuten Sensei himself. This is a requirement if you wish to have a listing on the official Komyo ReikiDo International directory of teachers.

初伝 Beginner’s Level 1 – Shoden

1-day / £ 175
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Shoden means “The beginning of the learning”. There is no pre-requisite, just the desire to heal yourself and others. The focus here is on the history of Reiki Ryoho and its basic principles of mindfulness, intention and self-healing techniques. During the training the students receive four Reiju (initiations). At least one month consolidation is recommended before taking level 2.

中伝  Intermediate Level 2 – Chuden 
1-day / £250
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Chuden means “Education at the intermediate level”. You will need to complete this level if you wish to become a Reiki practitioner and work with the general public.

On this course you will enhance your healing skills, with the use of shirushi (symbols), each for a specific purpose, such as physical, psychological and emotional conditions and for the practice of distant healing. During the Chuden training students receive four Reiju (initiations).

It is suggested that students consolidate their Chuden training for 6 months before enrolling on to Level 3.

奥伝  Advanced Level 3 – Okuden  
1-day / £175
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Okuden means ‘Deeper knowledge’. The focus at this level is on Reiki Ryoho as a spiritual practice. It is intended for prospective teachers and / or practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge of the subject and continue their journey of self-discovery. Okuden is another step towards ‘Anshin Ritsumei’. (a state of total inner peace)

You will be introduced to the 4th and final shirushi and receive 2 Reiju. 

神秘伝   Teaching Level 4 – Shinpiden  
2-day / £750
Experiencing Energy

Shinpiden means ‘Mysterious teachings’. In other words, the unraveling and sharing of the mysteries of the Universe. 

A consolidation period of 12 months after completing Okuden is required before you can enrol on our teacher training course. Shinpiden is taught over 2 days: one day to review all previous levels and the other to learn how to give Reiju. On completion, you will receive all the official resource material that you will need in order to teach Komyo ReikiDo.

Retraining in Komyo ReikiDo                 
Duration / cost varies 
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Students from other lineages are welcome to retrain in Komyo ReikiDo at any level. We will aim to offer this on a bespoke basis and the cost and duration will reflect this. Please contact us to discuss your personal training requirements.  

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