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Traditional Japanese Reiki Training in Hampshire  

There are four levels of Komyo ReikiDo training:

Reiki Level 1 – Shoden 

1-day Reiki foundation course: Cost £120

Reiki courses Hampshire

  • No pre-requisite, just a desire to heal yourself and others.
  • The history & development of Reiki.
  • Receive a lifelong attunement (connection) to Reiki.
  • Learn how Reiki brings mindfulness into our everyday life.
  • Receive an official Komyo ReikiDo manual at each level.
  • On-going support after each level of training.

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Reiki Level 2 – Chuden 

1-day Reiki practitioner course: Cost: £120

Reiki fareham hampshire

  • Chuden is also known to as ‘Reiki Second Degree’.
  • No pre-requisite; we accept all Reiki Level 1 qualifications.
  • Chuden takes your Reiki practice to a deeper level of understanding.
  • Receive attunements to 3 Reiki symbols, each representing a specific healing purpose.
  • Learn how to send distant healing.
  • Become a fully qualified Reiki practitioner.

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Reiki Level 3 – Okuden

1-day Reiki ‘Inner Teachings’ course: Cost £120

reiki master practitioner course fareham hampshire

  • Okuden is also known as ‘Reiki Third Degree’
  • Pre-requisite: sufficient consolidation since Level 2.
  • We welcome Okuden students from other Reiki backgrounds. If so, please contact us to discuss your conversion to Komyo ReikiDo.
  • Receive an attunement to the final Reiki symbol, representing our spiritual self.
  • Okuden focuses on a lifelong commitment to the ‘mastery’ of Reiki, as part of your continuing journey towards Satori (enlightenment).

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Reiki Level 4 – Shinpiden

Reiki Teacher course: Cost £200

1-day for those who have studied Komyo ReikDo levels 1-3

2-days for those who are ‘Reiki Masters’ in other lineages.

Reiki teacher  Level 4 Shinpiden fareham hampshire

  • Pre-requisite: sufficient consolidation since at Level 3.
  • Time allocated for revision, if required.
  • We welcome Shinpiden students from other Reiki backgrounds. If so, please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • Learn how to give Reiju Empowerments for all course levels.
  • Obtain Komyo ReikiDo teaching resources, logo and certificate templates.
  • Receive on-going mentoring, if required.
  • An understanding that Komyo ReikiDo teachings are not to be amalgamated into any other style of Reiki.

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